Ceramic Floor Plates

Secure the floor, one of the main determinants
Клей для плитки усиленный
Get the floor.

Paul is one of the main elements defining almost literally the " home-based " , namely, temperature, purity and appearance. The structure of the floor consists of the visible eye of the surface of the floor, as well as the most invisible layers, which are attached to the closure and form the so-called " pillow " . A cushion consisting of several loaded layers shall satisfy the requirements of heat, sound and hydroisolation, and shall be sufficiently strong to withstand the mechanical loads to which the surface is exposed without prejudice. Only a good-quality cushion can protect the surface from damage to which it is exposed during operation.

The dry layers are of different kinds, including concrete bases filled, equated and protected by concrete layers, and dry mountings - hypersocarton (more solid - hyposocologic), black floors, wood plates with different bundles, etc. There are monolithic (cement-pest, asphalt concrete, etc.) and prefabricated, in the form of thin plates (4-5 cm) from hypersement or keramsitobeton.

Cement layer or " length " serves to level the surface on which the surface is saturated underground♪ The man who swept the fields or was present during the construction of the houses must have noticed that the stoves of the closures were uneven, buoyant, with technological vents with the bars of the fixtures, moreover, there were often sex-disguises up to 10 cm.

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