Ceramic For Floors

Sex ceramics (post 6787-2001)
JackStone Плитка напольная

By external view, the face surface of the floor plate
may be:

:: smooth or relay;

• Unregulated and frosted (blest or
Maternal, transparent or silenced;

one-coloured and multi-coloured
porphide, mamrovis and decorated by various methods;

• The non-regulated surface of the stove may be

• with straight or rounded edges of side

For their purpose, the stoves are subdivided into the main and
Bordür, in shape, on square, rectangular, multidimensional and figure
( 3).

Bordür stove length shall correspond to length
(width) Main plates. The width of the stitch and the thickness of the brodure stoves shall be fixed

On the face of the stove, visible from
1 m mould, stains, machines, eye waves, displacement and burst
decor, screaming, floating, bubbles, pumps, dust, frost dryness, imprecise

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