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Top-25: useful advice for campers
And especially the megapolis, they think camping is one of the best ways to enjoy fresh air and rest in nature: just you and your friends and nature, no crowd, no fuss and work. But whatever it sounds like, such a vacation can sometimes become a nightmare. Today, we offer you 25 tips that will help you avoid this sad plight and spend your time as relaxed as possible.

25. The mosquitoes and mosquitoes can easily destroy your idle. In order to prevent their incursions, just set fire to the napkin near where you stopped, and the mosquitoes will turn to another, more comfortable and pleasant for them.

24. It would be nice to learn how to distinguish poisonous. of useful plants♪ A poisonous plug, for example, can cause corn, annoyance, and sometimes even painful drip on the skin.

23. Do you need something to burn the fire? Use the Doritos or any other chips. It burns perfectly and helps you burn any fire.

22. If you have nowhere to put the chips to use the package from underneath them, but the fire still needs to be lighted, you'll be able to use the wax disks.

21. Doritos and watage disks are doing great with their task of inciting the fire, but if you need a win-win option, fill up a potato box from underneath the tree and burn it.

20. Anyone who is unable to imagine a daily hygienic approach is recommended to take one-time soap records. Just take a knife to clean the vegetables and rip them a piece of soap. It will prevent you from losing a whole soap and provide you with an untouched stock of soap.

19. Soap can be used not only for hygiene reasons. One of the old boy stunts is to hide all their valuables into the soap. No thief will find money there.

18. Preparing food is an integral part of any walk, and the foil will be an indispensable subject. Just put the meat in the foil and put it above the fire, it's gonna be soft and juicy.

17. You must have tried a hot marshmallow, but what do you say about Starbursts hot gums? Actually, it's not crazy at all, it's one of the most delicious things in walking.

16. Did you need a grill to cook hot dogs? All you need is metal granules, and someone who will hold them.

15. Remove the purified marinad and use aromatic grass like rosemary instead. Put them in the fire, and your steak will taste unforgettable.

14. If you're lost in the woods, use hours as a compass. If you're in the northern hemisphere, put a clockwise with the sun. The point between the shooter and figure 12 will be indicated north. In the southern hemisphere, you'll have to match the sun to 12.

13. If you want to spend the night with a little comfort, then put a foam sack under your bedroom, it'll ease your bed.

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