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Vinyl fields currently cost
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At present, the value of the vinyl stove for the sex depends on the class. Class ownership defines the solid characteristics and the performance of the surface.
In accordance with classes, the modern stove is classified into three main types:
1. Battle (grade 23 to 31) is held by hand in spaces with a small distance. In general, such coating is used in the construction of individual apartments where house shoes are used. The material is characterized by a minimum thickness and a wide range of colour performances. The operating resource of the surface is on average six years.
2. Commercial PVC stove (from 32 to 42). The scope of such products is extended to the construction of high-level facilities. For example, the stove may be located in office spaces, commercial rooms, medical corridors, etc.
The structure of these products provides for a thick layer of protection that is as stable as possible to the truth. The minimum operating resource of this type of vinyl stove is between 10 and 15 years.
The thickness of the coating is 3, 5 mm. The top layer of such a stove has a mineral additive that covers antistatic properties and quality that increase friction.
3. Special PVC coating (according to the 43rd Class) is placed in high mechanically loaded spaces. Generally, the material is used for the construction of athletes, production units, garages, auto-services, etc.

Benefits and disadvantages of surface cover
The wine stove combines the dignity of a number of traditional surfaces.
Such material demonstrates:
* the practicality of the laying of the characteristic linoleum,

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