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The accident occurred early in the morning in the borbrov district

A truck accident took place in the Voronez region this morning, 4 November. The accident occurred at approximately 5.10 per 631 kilometres of track M4 " Dong" in the Bobrov area. A 57-year-old MAN vehicle driver transporting a ceramic plate heading towards Rostova na Done travelled to a beard fence, after which the truck flew to the counter strip and turned over.

Not only GIBD personnel have arrived at the scene, but also rescuers. However, the last driver himself did not need assistance. The vehicle crashed. But on the carriageway, she was falling apart. ceramic stoveand the movement was complicated. Lawkeepers and rescuers helped cartridges move around the area where the accident occurred and not get into traffic.

* In the light of the difficult traffic on the carriageway, GIBD staff quickly managed to organize traffic and safe passage of traffic. For a short time, the joint efforts of the GyBD, PM and road service personnel have been able to avoid significant traffic problems on the federal track - explained to the E! correspondents in the police press service.

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