Ceramic Tile Wall Separation

Ceramic stove and its advantages in separation of walls
Отделка стен керамической

Керамическая плиткаFor many people, the selection of the ceramic stove consists of the selection of the colour gamma, size and price category. However, in order to avoid frustration, the list should be significantly expanded.

The ceramic stove that Aquacity offers for the kitchen is different from what is stored in the bathroom or used in the outer face. The main reason for this is water absorption because wet by more than 10 per cent of the stove, minus temperatures will necessarily lead to cracking, and constant heat will cause spray spray growth. However, the increase in production capacity has a significant impact on costs.

Sustainability to wear is tested with a sliph machine. The more her turns end up with a product without harming her appearance, the better. This test is marked by the letters " PEI " , followed by the results of Roman figures from 1 to 5 and the higher the lower the probability of wear.

The strengths depend directly on the thickness and the ceramic plate. Therefore, there is no need to cover public places with a large attendance of large squares or rectangles with a thickness of less than 2 cm. It's better to leave them to clean up the house or space without a serious load. The maximum strength can be obtained from the 10x10 mosaics, and it will be cheaper, but this price gain can be easily closed by the installation.

By choosing a ceramic plug, it's worth turning the surfaces and lines. The wizards, splinters, micro-frets, alien decorations, sweats and rice grains clearly indicate poor quality of raw materials and production. And to keep the tone of different stove fragments constant, it should be bought from one lot.

Work with food chemicals needs surfaces that do not oxidize or calibre responses. This characteristic shall be indicated by the manufacturer by EN122 A or EN122 AA.

And for the last time, you should think about the main surface. The smooth ceramic stoves are dangerous in places with strong humidity. Ralephus or mattto polling will avoid unnecessary slip, but it will complicate the clean-up process.

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