Ceramic Stove Washing

How to choose a laundry for a stove: compare cement and epoxy options
Затирка с блестками

Разнообразие затирок для плиткиEven the perfect layout of the stove would not look perfect if, at the final stage, the stoves were not given sufficient attention. The points between the matches shall not remain in the first form, so they shall be filled with special material, a laundry. This prevents moisture, garbage and dust from falling under the plug, which means the durability of the surface enlarged increases once. In addition, if you know how to correctly select the stove laundry and use this knowledge in practice, it is easy to mask defects in the laying and, in general, to increase the aesthetic effect from the surface. And to choose any building market product, we need to know more about it. Let's start with this.

Depending on the composition, the laundry may be cement and epoxy.

Two main types of tiles can be identified among the variety: cement and epoxy

Цементная затирка для плиткиSilicon seals that are sold in special tubes or cartridges are sometimes used as rubbers. But they can't be replaced by a fugu! It's a tool with a somewhat different effect. It is used to insulate the lining from other materials, for example, in the bladder and bathing areas (racowins, toilets, etc.). Fully filling the silicone sealed interpliers is not appropriate.

The simplest laundry, which, even without the special experience of the stove, practically guarantees a good result, is cement-based mixtures. In their composition: cement of small belt, plastics, various additives and pigments. When filling water or latex (water), these components are transformed into plastic material similar to a hat.

Consistent, cement laundry looks like an elastic hat, so working with it is very easy.

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