Ceramic Tiles Of Photo

Kitchen Interer using Pile
Дизайн кухни керамической

An unusual decoration plate for kitchens, walls and floors is a great, solid and attractive material in estetic terms for the interior design of the living room or the bathroom. Often, ceramics are used in the repair of kitchens, due to their inappropriateness, high strength and wide range of unusual stove models. How can you design an interior kitchen unusual with a normal ceramic stove?

Use of brick and stone-stone cooking in the design

The recently popular cooking stove in European countries, with brick simulated stoves, has finally emerged in the domestic construction market, conquering a growing and growing consumer popularity with each year. By repairing the kitchen, designing its future appearance by using a brick stove, it will only win. So practical decoration Dry and walls is produced in a wide range: mat and frost, different sizes, shapes and shades. If your apartment has a large area, it's worth using a large brick plate for it. For the design of a small kitchen, it is recommended that a small plug be used, and for the processing of a kitchen fairway, a " Provans " in Italian style. Such a stove is very well harmonized with a brick external form of basic design, as well as a decorative glass mosaic.

A near-birthed brick-brick stove is the one that is built under natural stone. The design developed for renovation to reflect the inability and uniqueness of the premises requires such artificial stones. For example, the country style kitchen room, equipped with rough wooden furniture and a variety of ovary accessories, would look great at the camenne interior.

An example of a 10x10 job area (fartuca) is provided from the Cir Ceramiche Factory Catalogue.

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