Ceramic Stove Floor

Which contributes to the rapid wear of the floor plate
Плитка на пол, вариант укладки

The stove is placed in a separate section of the site, the catalogue of the section contains collections of stoves for sex, production of known Spanish manufacturers. The shell shall be used for any interior interior fittings, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. Remember the stove ceramic for the floor, marked as a white foot on the black background. I'm sure you'll find out. ceramic plates for floorif a cafeteria is planned to be located in high-profile areas, the inlet group of the hotel, the store, the restaurant, the area of the row. Because excessive influence, on the ceramic napole, has shoe and parts of dirt and water.

Dirty shoes contribute to the rapid wear of the stove. It is particularly important to take into account this fact by selecting lounge chairs, lobbys, corridors just outside the street. The stove and the ceramolimit will have a common purpose, but if the choice raises doubts about the load to be loaded, it is recommended that a ceramograrian be chosen. An Italian stove, an appropriate endurance group, the ability of the stove to resist the stove, should be selected for the identification of the gender in various buildings and premises.

Technical indicators for the field café

Ceramic on-site platedivided into groups from the softest to the hardest, the choice of the category directly affects the durability of the sex. When selecting the stove, attention should be paid to the technical parameters of the stove and to the recommendations on the laying of the stove from the manufacturer.

The porosity of the Spanish stove is an important indicator. The indicator is characterized by the amount of water that can be absorbed. As porosity decreases, the freeze and strength of the keramics on bends and non-regulated and resistance to wear and stains are increasing. One of the advantages of the floor café is that it does not conduct electrical currents, and there is an additional safety parameter. Ceramic hike, it's very long, has an attractive appearance that makes her popular. An outside Spanish stove can simulate natural stone, marble, granite and, of course, wood texture, which greatly facilitates the transition between the stone and the natural park.

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