Ceramic Plate Floor

22 Hrv/St
Облицовка пола керамической

22 Hrv/St
Storage of pinks and switches from 38 Hrv/state
Installation of point lights of 46 Hrv/Stat
Installation of lighters, bra from 92 hrn/stop
Bricks, 120 mm from 92 Hrv/m2
Partitioning of foams of 92 Hrv/m2
Sound insulation of 20 Hrv/m2 minerals
Installation of politician stoves on walls in one layer of 30 grain/m2
Installation of polystyrene plates on walls in one layer to a level of 38 Hrv/m2
22 Hrv/m2
Metallical Coal of 20 Hrv/hm
Mayor to 30 mm from 85 hrv/m2
Installation of partitions from 108 Hrv/m2
Installation of counterfeit from 77 Hrv/m2
Storage of hypsocarton designs (up to 2 layers) of 124 hrn/m2
Storage of hypcocarton structures (corrhob) of 92 grn/pog m
Installation of cologne from 131 Hrv/pog m
Filling of stitches of 14 grain/pog m
Metal coal, methalic ribs of 20 grain/gm
20 Hrv/m2 wall painter
85 Hrv/m2
Surface 1 layer of 7 Hrv/m2
53 Hrv/m2 walls under the walls or decorative
Bear of socks up to 300 mm, under the walls of 53 Hrv/Mg.
69 Hrv/m2 walls
To 300 mm in colour of 69 grain/mg
Glass glazing on walls of 30 grain/m2
Glass glazing on slices to 300 mm from 30 grain/mg
Blade of rims to be painted up to 300 mm from 46 grain/pog m
Shocking of rims to 300 mm without drawing of 61 hrn/gm
Painting of walls with paint from 30 Hrv/m2
Labelling of 53 Hrv/m2
Painting of slices up to 300 mm in steam (2 times) of 53 grain/gm
Installation of a decorative device on walls of 77 Hrv/m2
Installation of decoration unit to 300 mm from 77 grain/gm
Venetian (coronod) of 139 Hrv/m2
Storage of a plastic car on the walls of 77 Hrv/m2
Installation of a wooden car on walls of 116 Hrv/m2
MDF wagons on walls of 61 hrn/m2
Siding device of 108 Hrv/m2
Harvest of arc with a hipposcoartone of 124 Hrv/pog m
Storage of windows and hypsocarton doors of 124 grain/pog m

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