Keramic Stove

30.05.2014 masters, second-account rose

In the town on the Arabian Amur Peninsula in the Japan Sea, two sides of the Amurski and Ussurian Gulfs have already opened the second KERAMA MARAZI store.

The people of the Primorsky are familiar with KERAMA MARAZZI. Now they have the opportunity to choose and buy a ceramic plate, a ceramic granite and a mosaic at two sales points. Victoria has opened a shop at KERAMA MARAZZI, where the people of Vladivostok can choose and buy our products with comfort. In addition ceramic stoves Demonstrated in the interior booths - mini bathrooms - where the combination of ceramic stoves, bathroom furniture and plumbing give buyers a full picture of how their own bathroom would look after repair. A three-dimensional computer software visualization service that allows buyers to take into account all the details and characteristics of their own premises helps to make a final choice.

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