Italian Ceramic Stove

Leased after repair (first)
Итальянская керамическая

Shall be leased after repair (first) to a one-room apartment in the MK at Kiev, Kondratuka, 5, 12 out of 25, 44/16/10.
Good fortune. Furniture is complete (kid, comfortable closet, room is a cornered double couch and a modern wall, logia is a simple closet, household technician (electrical plate, two-cameral refrigerator, microwave furnace, electric kettle, air conditioner, washing machine, dust pump). There's great repairs in the apartment, walls and floors of the Italian ceramic stove, in the room, laminate, German vaults, the elbow is glued.
The windows go out to the courtyard where a wonderful big children's space is. Protected area, Consierge's Entrance, homephone.

Price 8500 Hrv, plus utilities. There's a bid.
GS Royal Company
Tel: +38 063 301 53 44, +38 050 500 27 36
Fax: 044 593 71 22

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