Habarowski Ceramic Stove

Керамическая плитка Kerama

Our company has for over 20 years been a supplier of ceramic stoves and ceramograrians. The result of our work is cooperation with the largest producing factories. DV Keramik 's network of shops has a stove from Italy, Spain, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and China.

If the ceramic stove used to be seen only in the kitchens and in the bathrooms, and often it had a very normal view, things have changed.
An innovative approach to manufacture, a wide range of shades, textures and motives, and the universality of use, allow for the use of ceramic compounds in the living room,
Hallows, to process salons, stores and other institutions.
The different format of the decorative elements and stoves opens up the possibilities for drawing as you wish: vertically or horizontally, so that the interface plays new paints and moods.

Our company is represented by the leading producers of the ceramic stove of four countries: Russia, Italy, Spain, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.
We only work with validated stamps that ensure a decent level of output, such as Kerama Marazzi, Azori and Italon.
Use the sections of the catalogue presented below in order to obtain the most appropriate external and budgetary ceramic plate.

To consult and answer all the questions you have, contact our company's expert on phones 30-42-30 and 42-09-69 or e-mail trade@
The Keramic stove in Habarovsk is also represented in our office at the addresses:

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