Valentino Ceramic Stove

Piemme valentino
20х30 НЗКМ Валентино-С голубая

Italian firm Piemme Ceramiche - VALENTINO Produces ceramic stoves and ceramogrants since 1962. During this time, Piemme has created many sophisticated stove collections that have painted the interiors of bathrooms, kitchens, adjacent and living spaces in many European houses and apartments. In 1977, PIEMME became cooperating with a known Valentino modeler (PIEMME)Valentino) The result of this union was a completely new designer for the Piemme ceramic stove collection. However, the Piemme stove combines not only the ideal Valentino style, but also the excellent quality and durability achieved through the continuous improvement of production technologies.

Today, any designer solution from PIEMME-VALENTINO can be implemented on the ceramic surface through the use of digital decor technology, and the rubber method allows for larger surfaces. Each Piemme plate made on such technology is unique and irrepetitive, and the only remaining constant is its quality. The most popular of our buyers is Tresor's 2008 collection. The wall background plate (25x40 cm) is in six colours: Avorio (cell colour), Oro (solid), Bronzo, Perla, Argento ( silver) and Platino. The wall plate is supplemented by decor (25X40 cm) with barely visible vegetation, as well as with very brominated gold roses. The combination is complemented by small decorative elements and three colours on the floor. Steel art deco and modern are represented in Piemme Fashion collections. A fairly discreet colour palette of the collection (black, running, grey and other tone) explains its popularity to the strong sexes, who above all appreciate the simplicity and style in the interior. The least discreet Fashion decorated by a classic plant ornament. The combination is complemented by several versions of the Bordiur, mosaic and coal elements. A Crystal Marble collection will be suitable for classical style fans. This collection is simulated by the marbles of glowy shades. An ideally smooth, shiny surface of the marble floor, mosaic decorations, a variety of brodures, plugs with classic vegetation, all of which help to create a truly luxury antique interior in any room. Ceramic stove and ceramomit These and other Piemmes collections will be a great choice for real high-quality and non-repetition censors.

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