Ceramic Tub Stove

Ceramic stove, cafeteria and paper with drawing or linear
плитка для ванной с рисунком

Do you want to steal the kitchen with a ceramic plate? Need a bathroom stove? Nice stove with a drawing at a great price.

5100 roubles/m2

Cup and ceramic plate with rice

A photographic image shall be placed on a smooth or relayed white plate with a direct press. It could be:

  • Colored café
  • Ceramic plate with drawing
  • Share on the stove
  • Medieval fresco carried to the plug
  • 3rd paintings on the plate, so popular today.

Café process with rice

  1. You're sending a picture of the place where you want to put the photoplate and you're talking about the image.
  2. Our designer will prepare three options for harmonization, pre-locating the plug in your interior.
  3. You bring a white plug, you pay 50% of the price.
  4. We put a picture on a cafeteria or ceramic plate and cover it with a wearable polyurethane or acryl lacquer, depending on the stove, whether it's on the floor, or it's gonna be exposed to the walls.
  5. Pay for the remaining 50 percent, and our subdivisions can make On floor or Blade

Keramic stove on the kitchen

  • The value of a white stove is low
  • The value of the prints on the plate is equal to the price of such a stick with the sketch already displayed.
  • Risks on the plug are not thrived, colours remain saturated after many years.
  • The ceramic plug is not afraid of moisture and temperature
  • The drawing is resistant to external exposure [if abrasive materials are not applied]
  • The drawing on the plate will be unique!


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