Sex Ceramic Stove

Glisscycle#39; guard
неглазурованная керамическая

Gliss Guard - a tool against sliding floor, to protect against sliding for all sexes and on-ground coatings from natural and artificial stones, including blended, café, etc.

  • External and internal works;
  • Safe for the appearance of most surfaces, slightly reduces glazing;
  • Effective anti-ring;
  • The product is ready to be delivered, simple to use.


GLISS GUARDHO reduces the risks of falling on mineral surfaces, such as: ston plates, including artificial, ceramic stovemarble, terrazzo, granite, etc.

GLISS GUARDHO is used to protect against sliding sex in industry, public institutions and private houses:

  • at public stops,
  • in public institutions
  • in nursing homes,
  • In the lobby,
  • Treatment against the slip of street pedestrian areas,
  • in gyms, pools,
  • On the kitchens,
  • in bananas, showers and bathrooms
  • and wherever there are slippery floors, especially in wet condition.


Glazing may not be significantly reduced in the treatment of sliding floors. GLISS GUARDHO is allowed to be diluted while maintaining the same duration. If the sliding effect is not achieved after the first application, refuel the vehicle. It is therefore recommended that initial processing be performed by a specialist.

Drinking (protection):

Gliss'Guard is a means in the water phase, absolutely safe, no special precaution is required.
Gliss'Guard in a very good way
Diluted (20 per cent of the water). Across the surface indefinitely extends the protection of the floor from slip.

Действие Gliss Guard, Глисс Гард - средство против скольжения, против скользкого пола Means against leaching use acids, in particular floating acid (fluoric hydrogen). The effects of such devices are based on surface damage, namely, the properties of destroying the silicon present in minerals. When an acid-based leaching device reaches the surface, silicon crystals are dissolved and carpets remain on the floor surface. There is a so-called suction effect on the surface (see 2).

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