Sex Ceramic

Керамические полы с узором

This footage was known in deep wood. Today, the gender stove is considered to be one of the popular separatorial materials, and low-cost and elite collections are produced.

Sex ceramics:

  • The possibility of creating exclusive interfaces;
  • Strength and durability;
  • Resistance to moisture and cleaning materials;
  • absolute security for humans and the natural environment.

Cafel will provide a hygienic coating that is easily urinated and does not lose its original species under the influence of chemical moistures and sunlights. The shell is not afraid of mechanical effects, it cannot be scratched with sharp heels or damaged by furniture.

Sex type of cafeteria

The plate may be divided into several categories:

  • in accordance with the scope - for internal and external use,
  • by type of surface - glang and mat;
  • In fact, under tree, marble, park board and other materials.

The ceramic surface today can be found not only in the hallway, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. In designer collections, you can find a luxury cartoon for the living rooms, the dining rooms and even the bedrooms. A café is widely used to separate the floors in garages, summer kitchens, hozlocks. They also put it on the lodges, balconys, terrace.

Sex plate: create a unique interior

Napole's ceramic affects the diversity of design and color. Modern technologies provide evidence, realistically reproducing texture and a game of shades of natural wood, laminate, park, marble, granite and other natural stone.

The manufacturers ' range also includes one-ton ceramic stove for floor - Restricted and bright, as well as a cafeteria with classical patterns and fashionable 3D drawers. The combination of non-breathing dangerous tones with saturated shades, geometric or flower lights allows for the creation of an exclusive interior of the room.

How do you pick a floorboard?

The selection of the stove depends, first and foremost, on the location of the space where the layout is planned. In this regard, attention should be drawn to the class of strength, the degree of water absorption, and the sustainability of the posture. The key characteristics of the ceramic face are always reflected on the package, which helps to make the right choice.

There must be an image of the foot on the package with the outer face, the hand drawing is only suitable for the walls. For the outside laying, select a pictogram of snowflake, such material is not afraid of temperature changes and resistant to external atmospheric manifestations.

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