Ceramic Stove Under Tree On Floor

A stove under a tree
Полированный керамогранит для

Плитка под дерево- Category

The stove that simulates the tree now exists in two options.

  1. Ceramic stove (keramic park). Produced as a normal stove, formed from the clay, and then burned in a special oven. This type of stove is suitable for use in accommodation.
  2. Ceramogreen stove. This stove is formed from a semi-dryed glynium mass, followed by burning. Ceramogrene incineration temperature is higher than for mere ceramic stovewhich makes the material more solid and enduring.Напольная плитка Such a stove would be more suitable for use in public places - offices, shops, shopping centres, etc.

Both varieties can be sold under the name " poker " . So when you choose to specify the type of material and compare it to the location in which you intend to use it.

Specialities and benefits

The value of the ceramic park is in order lower than the usual. Especially when you compare rare wood varieties and their ceramic replica. Buying a stove under a tree will help you significantly reduce your repair budget.

Керамический паркетThe cost of mounting ceramic and wooden surfaces is comparable. But in terms of stove content, you'll be much cheaper than a park or a natural board. Cycle, laculation, bulkhead, paint-- all these words will stop to matter to you if you have a wood stove on your floor. Even if one stick for some reason, for example, you're gonna drop something heavy on it, it's gonna be much cheaper than a parked plate.

How do you choose a ceramic park?

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