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Керамическая плитка для кухни
Старинная испанская плитка

Blade wrapped in centuries

The first ceramic stove recipes came to Spain in the eighth to ninth centuries. They have been borrowed from Arabs who have long mastered ceramic production. Ceramic technology has been stored for a long time in a strict secret and has been available only to Spanish masters.

That is why Spain has for many years ahead of other European States in this sphere of production, as the rest of the countries have had to develop their own prescriptions by sampling and error.

Modern stove production in Spain

Modern production of ceramic stoves in Spain is mainly concentrated in the province of Castelon. This is where most ceramic stove plants are located. In addition, there are about 150 factories working in the ceramic industry. In the same region there are glimpses, chemical plants that produce ceramic raw materials and scientific centres that develop new technologies and equipment.

This number of ceramic factories is due to the fact that this area of production has long been composed of family manufacturing and workshops at the Catholic Church.Фабрика Pamesa Ceramica Испания Some manufactures grew into large businesses and others remained small family firms. The vast majority of enterprises are now equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, many of them integrated into consortia, which enables them to work most effectively.
Our web-based magasine produces the most famous Spanish plants producing ceramic granites and façade clinker plates, as well as a ceramic plate for bathrooms, kitchens, guests: Pamesa Ceramica, Saloni Ceramica, Azulev, Europa Ceramgen, Navarti, Picerica

The characteristics of the Spanish ceramic stove

To see if you need it. Spanish stoveneed to know how different it is from that of other producers. The main criteria for the selection of the stove is its price, design and certainly quality. Let's focus more on all three separate points.


In view of Spain as a whole, a general conclusion could be reached on design characteristics. Spaniards tend to touch all the bright, bromine, so life-saving tones dominate the paints on the plug (as compared, Italian stove more often simulates natural stone with large elderly or interesting, unusual structure).
Яркая испанская плитка - Vetro (Pamesa Ceramica) Vane Vetro, manufacturer: Pamesa Ceramica (Spain)
Spain ' s ceramic stove collections have a mass of decorative elements with a large drawing of attention. Pupils of rosettes, plant ornament, venzel, vignets. Spain ' s stove is more ornamented, supplemented by boxes, brodures and penny.
With regard to colour gamma, it is very diverse and saturated, the Spanish do not stop at classic bean brown tones and offer the buyer a pink, purple, green and blue background plate.
The collections often use glazing, metal simulation, and with the ceramic production of the computer press, more collections of Spain ' s ceramic stove with photographic readings are produced.
Tub Space, manufacturer: Novogres (Spain)
Data Associations of Spanish ceramic stove manufacturers ASCERrecent trends in design are characterized by a departure from the use of large numbers of relays and textures. Collects are becoming increasingly " heterogeneous " . This is achieved by using one saturated colour in the whole series or by using very soft tones, gray, pearl. However, mosaic decorations, lambreenas and pokeramic carpets remain the main " collection heroes " .
Keramogrand Emperador, manufacturer: Ceracasa (Spain)


The quality of the Spanish stove has been confirmed not only by the specialists but also by the buyers themselves who choose in favour of the stove. Otherwise, the Spanish cafeteria would never conquer almost half of the entire market for ceramic stoves in Europe.

You may, of course, object to this by pointing to negative feedback on the network. Allow me to clarify some points.

First of all, we need to find out where the stove didn't set up the buyer. It must be understood that the popular stove is most commonly forged, so it's only worth trusting the stores that work directly with Spanish stove suppliers.

Space Novogres - плитка с фото-панно Emperador Ceracasa - керамический ковер Магазин-салон керамической плитки Sidney Mallol - плитка c морской тематикой
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