Keramic Stove, Ceramolimit

Keramograndit and the ceramobile
Керамическая плитка для

Information and characteristics of the ceramogram

Ceramogrinite (keramic granite) is artificial material produced by the semi-arid press of the mixture of mineral components. Depending on the receptor, the composition may include caolin, white glin, melting (pengmatites, field scapes), quartz sand, water. The mixture is carefully homogenized, pressed and subjected to high-temperature obesity in special furnaces. As a result, small-scale street material is produced, convenient as a ceramic stove and solid as a granite.

Keramogrand will make even a modern classical interior.

Do you know...

Italy is considered the homeland of the ceramogram. It was in this country that the production of industrial material was launched at the end of the twentieth century. Strictly, almost every European State had similar stoves by then, but they were not serially produced.

Researchers in Russia believe that one of the sub-species of the Keramogranit and its immediate predecessor can be considered as a methylach stove. It was used in the construction of the Krasnoyar GEC in the 1960s.


600x600 mm406 roubles/m2
400x400 mm398 roubles/m2
300x300 mm240 roubles/m2

Characteristics of ceramogrene

Scope of material intersects with use of stoves and mosaicsthe benefits should therefore be considered against:

  • color. The Keramogrinite is thick, so it is a homogeneous monolith. The paint doesn't rock, the color doesn't slip over time. The cut of the ceramic stove is clearly visible on the front of the eye;
  • Sustainability to vindication. The material refers to the fifth highest grade on the styreness scale. It can be used in high-profile premises;
  • strength. On this indicator, the ceramo-border stove exceeds the ceramic and practically does not deviate the natural border;
  • atmosphere. Unlike the colored mosaic and stoves, the ceramomit will not be susceptible to the operation of the ultraviolet, it does not harm the vagina and seasonal temperatures.
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