Keramic Stove Under The Kitchen Brick

White stove under brick
Декоративное оформление
Белая плитка под кирпич с темной затиркой

A white brick on a kitchen fairway. Ideas.

Among all types of stoves used to fit apron, a white brick plate is one of the most popular. This is due to its universality - neutral colour is suitable for any furniture and any shade of the table, and the shape of the brick can be used to separate the interriers both in modern style and in classical.

Most often, a single-ton white plate is placed at the height of the kitchen fairway (60 cm) and above the stove, under stretch (about 80-90 cm). Nevertheless, you can put the plug on the whole wall over the extract. As you look at it, you can see the video below. In this case, the thickness of the stove should be taken into account, as this value will require the removal of furniture from the wall.Белая затирка плитки под кирпич It's very nice to have the same stove on the neighbors. furniture

The white plug under the brick can be marked with both a shift (traditional layout, a 50 per cent backwards) and a tree. It's more unusual, but it doesn't fit any furniture. Examples will also be in the video.

Another plus the use of a white stove under a brick in the kitchen is that you don't need to pick a suitable tone floor. Depending on the style, just put a stick under the tree, a stove under the rock - or just monocolors. It'll look very good, and no headache.

A white bath brick. Ideas

The white brick is a universal material for the cat wants to make a bath room of taste and not mistake. Such a plug can be used for interns in the most different style.

For the country style, the simplest solution is to put the stove out of the ceiling, paint the wall in a dangerous color (green, yellow, blue) and put a separate, worthy tub. You can put a park or a stove under the park, and you can put some old closet along the wall.

In order to get a bath in classical style, you can add black to the white plug, put a symmetry bath and apply symmetry principles (e.g. bath in the center, same closets on the side - or down the center of the classic washing machine, same locks on the sides, etc.).

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