Keramic Stove On The Kitchen

керамическая плитка для кухни
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Cooking plate

Sale of kitchen stoves

As the official representative of the largest Russian factories, the Song TSS offers a large choice of construction materials at affordable prices. We're selling a wall and a stove for kitchens, decorative boards, brodures and boxes to separate the kitchen fairway. Realized products are manufactured in modern Italian equipment and are of high quality. A rich colour gamma, a variety of sizes and factures enable each buyer to find a product of its own taste. The kitchen ceramic plate may have a classic view or simulate natural materials. Usually, a combination of small stoves and decorations on the kitchen theme is used. These include images of fruit, vegetables, dishes, wood pastoral elements or stylized inscriptions. The ceramic and glass mosaic of warm shades is widely demanded. The kitchen stove is represented in our collection by the products of the leading factories of Spain, Poland, Belarus and China. We tried to pick up the most interesting proposals for you on the construction market. The supply of the café is carried out in wholesale and in dispensary, as well as at the earliest possible date. The buyer ' s desire is to provide the construction and delivery of the separation materials.

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