Keramic Baranovic Stove

Ceramic cement
Керамическая плитка

укладка плитки в БарановичахOrder the stove in Baranović and the area immediately (SGM.BY):
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Before proceeding directly to the construction work to be determined with the material used. The selected stove shall be at the size of the room, underline its design, and the lighting of the room or the sanusle shall be taken into account in the choice. All these parts, together with the plate, must be seen in a literate and harmonious manner. In small spaces, it would be better to look at a glass plate with a desirable one-ton figure, since the volume would only be visually reduced. Of course the big tiles are much easier to put, and the time will be less spent. But they need to be carefully used, preferably in large spaces.

If you have to put the plug on the walls, then you need to prepare it for starters. They need to be cleaned from the residues of paint and the bad thing. By laying a stove on the floor, it is necessary to install hydrolysis by means of pergament or dry mixture.

облицовка плиткой в БарановичахThen we need to set up so-called lighthouses with a step of 1-5 m. After this, the wall shall be marked with the final layer of the box, which shall be equated according to the prescribed regulations.

To this end, a marking should be made from the middle of the room to the edges. So the stitch parallels only need to be checked in one row of the stoves. And the third method is diagonal. It's the most complicated and expensive method. Since in this case all stitches must be at an angle of 45 degrees, so many stoves will have to be cut.

A special glue is used to stack the stoves, which will make the laying much more accurate. Also in time, the crusts are used to regulate the stitches. After the solution drys, the sand and glue residues must be cleaned. It's the most common thing to do with a scapegoat from the rubber, it won't hurt the stove. For this, they prepare a special solution from dry mass and water, bringing it to the right mass. After cleaning with a conventional kitchen lipstick and stitch, we need to wash. To this end, the sponge should often be washed and carefully squeezed. It should be a little wet. And on the postmortem, the plug is wiping a little wet cotton. You can't get on the stove in the ideal of day 4, but even in 24 hours, you can walk carefully.

Order a stove (cafeel) in Baranović and the area immediately. We have speed, quality and guarantee!

License and laying services Ceramic bathing suite room, toilet, wall and floor, diagnosed in Baranović, café.
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