Ceramic Marazci Plate

Kerama marazzi (grassia) - stove, ceramogram, mosaic

Panel Kerama Marazzi Member of the Marazzi Group of Italy. Kerama Marazzi quickly became a leader in the production of ceramograndite and ceramic stoves in our country, and the Marazzi Group is one of the successes in the production of ceramics and one of the largest direct investors in Russia. Kerama Marazzi has two factories: in Orle, Velor and Podmoskovier in Malino village. The ceramic stove plant was commissioned in 1992, and it produces stoves for sex, walls and decorative elements. The annual output is 16 million square metres of ceramic stove and 18 million square metres of decorative elements. The most modern equipment from the Italian companies Sacmi, ICF, Technoferrari is installed. Business collection CERAMA plates is being developed in cooperation with leading Italian design studios. The second production of the Kerama Marazzi ceramic stove, relatively new, was commissioned in 2006. The annual production is less than 4.5 million square metres, but it produces a ceramo-limit: both technical and polished and decorative. Equipment in this factory, like design, doesn't fall short of the previous factory. To date, national ceramic Kerama Marazzi stove - it's quality, design and advanced technology. Such material as ceramic stoves Russia has produced from a long time, and with the help of Italian colleagues, the product has become more interesting in quality and design. See also the products of the Marazzi Espana factory (Spain).

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