Bulk Stove

How to cut the stove - the stove cut features of the bulgarian and plug
Резка керамической плитки

Использование ручного плиткорезаWhen working with the ceramic plug, it is not possible to avoid the cutting rows that are being laid in undetectable locations. Typically, the cut plates are symmetrically attached to the edges of the walls. The stove shall be required when the walls around the doors, engineering communications and other obstacles that require careful laying. In any case, a stool master, especially a starter, needs to know how to cut a ceramic stove in each case. The technology of direct cuts is significantly different from those of the figure. The right choice of the tool enables the master to perform street work qualitatively and without simplicity and to prevent a large amount of waste in the form of unevenly split stoves.

Электрический плиткорезThe cafeteria stove may not only be carried out by special instruments called plugs produced by manufacturers for this personal material. Glass cuts, bulbs, slices, electrodrelics with different landings, which are also used in other construction materials.

Each instrument has its own features and hygienics of exploitation, demanding a person working with it with a certain level of experience. For this reason, the former masters advise that one of the spare stoves shall be used for this purpose. This will make it possible to absorb small losses to the instrument and material.

There are hundreds of models of plastics that can all be divided into two large groups: manual and electrical.

  • Hand plugs are produced in the form of pints, which are exemplified by flat lips. With this tool, the front face of the stove covered by the email is first carefully cut by the diamond rubber. After that, using the plugs, the plugs are just clouding. There is no need for special skills in the work, so the tool is suitable for amateur starters.
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