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Ceramic stove and ceramomit in a miniscule
старинная плитка

imagesMagazine Ceramics and plumbers For more than 10 years, a successful constructor of steel and fashion interriers in Belarusian homes. We keep following modern world trends in design and interior, and we can always offer you new, bold ideas for home and office.

To date, we are cooperating with the most verified plants of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, supplying ceramic gender plate and bathroom, plumber and bathroom furniture.

Selling ceramic stoves and plumbing of leading producers is our main direction. We take care and care of our work, so you're just getting an excellent high quality product.

Buy a ceramic tile in Minsk now it's just that you don't even go shopping, but you can order right on our website. The price of the ceramic stove is also quite acceptable, and you won't cost yourself much, because we're worried about our buyer.

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