Ceramic Roast For The Inner Lining Of Walls

Building Guide
Плитка керамическая

Depending on the quality of the stove,
made of clay, covered on the face of the eye and burned,
Classes 2: 1 and 11

Sampling, transport, storage and sampling
Ceramic stoves for the inner lining of walls and partitions. Size
5,000 stoves are installed. Excess to 2,500 stoves
Participating in the party, excesses of 2,500 are considered separate

Bands in shipments shall be sorted by
type, class and color.

The cells are packed in wooden bars,
By placing them in such a way that their face surfaces are in contact with
You're so mean.

Each stove shall be provided with a passport.

Cells should be kept in closed spaces separately
Types, colours and varieties.

For inspection and verification of the stoves from each lot
They take 50 stoves of each type.

From selected, meeting the requirements of the standard
by appearance and size, select:

2 stoves

thermal resistance of the eye 2

mechanical strength 2

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