Ceramic Cells For The Interior Lining Of The Guest Walls

License brick
УЗЛЫ 3 - 1, 3 - 2

License brick is one of the construction materials for the inner, outer face, buildings, buildings, walls. The technology of producing such bricks is different from the production of conventional bricks. A characteristic of the lining brick is the better surface of the pump and spoons. They're both smooth and textured. Different types of bricks may be falsified on spoons, allowing for the smooth discharge of stitches and preventing the separation of particles from the face surface.
The main distinction of the brick is the availability of better surfaces of the false and rearlines. The brick is silica and ceramic, relative to the face, with no quality surface and cannot be bragged by the same size of the brick, which is very important in the face. According to the GOST, cracks, cuts, limestones, thrives, stains and other defects are not allowed in the brick. Geometrics and brick sizes are more precise than construction. The GOST clearly specifies the geometric characteristics of the face brick: the deviation from the nominal size shall not exceed 4 mm in length, 3 mm in width and +3/2 mm in thickness; the variation of the straightness not exceeding 3 and 2 mm in the long and lateral boundary respectively.
The colour gamma of the lining brick may have a wide variety of shades from natural light yellow and gray to dark blue and black.

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