Ceramic Smooth Inner Walls

Siding species are offered by manufacturers
Облицовка балконных стен

Manufacturers offer different types of sydinga - cap, ceramic, steel, wooden, cement, aluminium, copper. Siding got a huge popularity today. It is used to stitch private houses, office buildings, commercial premises, etc. This recognition has won, thanks to its qualities, durability, strength, attractive and careful appearance.

What's soiding and his dignity

Siding is separate panels that are very conveniently connected. The external siding looks like a dosed wing. Each panel has a latch and a perforated nail edge. Siding's hairs are different sizes. The length usually varies from 2 to 6 metres, 10 to 30 cm width, thickness to 10 mm.

The Siding Profile is performed in two versions: " Selka " (single) or " shipboard " (two). The quality of the material is not affected, and the profile is selected only on the basis of personal preferences. The siding factor is most likely to simulate natural wood. Special polymer coating or paint shall be used for strikes, scratches and corrosion.

Siding has maintained its quality and original view for several decades. He's very protective of the building against the effects of atmospheric events. It's very easy, easy to use material that looks beautiful in any landscape. Sideing is also environmentally safe and simple. It is easily urinated and does not require periodic paint, unlike wood material.

All kinds of siding for house stitching are very easily mounted and the building can be lit internally. Siding is not required by special skills, including careful preparation of the wall. On the contrary, he helps conceal many irregularities and other flaws.
Vinyl siding species
Vinyl siding is made of polyvinyl chloride. It is a hard strip, which is otherwise referred to as panels. Each panel is a monolithic leaf that gives the right shape.

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