Ceramic Frosted Inner Linings

License and separation materials
Керамическая плитка для кухни

Plastic polyether, plywood, ceramic plates, wooden, wooden stoves, vinegars, isolin, polyvinyl chloride, etc.

Ceramic cells Labels shall be made of clay with or without additives, followed by obesity. The face of the stove may be smooth, refrigerated, with bright and glazing sections. The cells are square, rectangular, phased. Quarter plates are produced 150 x 150, 100 x 100 and less than 75 x 75 mm, thickness of stove (nominal) 6 mm. On 1 m2, 44 stoves, 150 mm in size, are flown at 4 fasonic stoves for the upper and angular surfaces.

Packs in wooden boxes or boxes, not exceeding 20 kg. Stolen stoves in closed spaces by type, type, colour and type of decoration. Each lot of stoves shall have a passport, where the trademark, name and location of the manufacturer ' s place, name of the product, lot number, date of shipment, type, variety, colour, stove drawing, physico-mechanical tests, GAST number.

To produce. The main raw materials for the production of ceramic stoves are glinist materials (cells and potassiums) and quartz sand, with a mass content of at least 45... 50 per cent, including clay, is at least 30 per cent.

Mineral composition has a decisive influence on the technological properties of ceramic products. It is very diverse because of the different contents of the major glinist minerals (caolinite, hydrosludes, Montmorillanith, mixed entities) and their different combinations.

The best for the production of ceramic products is the clays of caolinite and caolinite-hydrolumide or hydrosludystokaolinite composition.

The basic requirements for clays and other materials constituting the ceramic mass are determined by the attached properties of the finished ceramic product and its use. For example, the inner lining sheets are subject to water absorption and ceco-resistance requirements (thermosity), floor stoves - water absorption and resistance to stomatal, façade stoves - water and freeze, etc.

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