Ceramic Plate Walls

Renovation of the apartment
Облицовка стен керамической

The ceramic stoves of walls and floors are not very complex, which requires special skills and skills. But there are several principles that apply and are guided by which even the start-up politicians can do an excellent job. It should not be forgotten that the marking of the walls is a final stage of work, a sort of makeup. The main part of the work remains invisible, namely, the quality of the hidden work (base preparation) and the quality of the separation.

When selecting a stove, other than a flourishing, you need to draw attention to the physico-chemical properties of the stove. First of all, it is necessary to check whether they have the same colour, angle and dimensions, drawing attention to the geometry of the stoves, whether their edges have a straight angle and whether the surface of the stove is even.

Work sequence

1. Preparing the surface.

The base under the stove shall be solid and, accordingly, stable, cleaned of dirt, dust, news, fat and residues of paint. All the weak adjoining elements of the device shall be removed. By applying the 2 m long rule, we shall verify all deviations of the wall from vertical and “for light”. If the deviations from the vertical and the height between the raid and the wall are more than 5 mm, the wall shall be levelled.

The walls are compared in several ways. The complete equalization of the wall is done by replacing the unitary layer with the comparison of the new lighthouse. As an option, the walls may not be stacked, but be labelled with water resistant hypsocarton (GLC) or TF sheets (cement and construction plates). The walls of the MTSP are similarly marked with the only difference that the relatively heavy sheets of cement plates are desirable to be further attached to the wall by the inching of grabs and/or self-repelled.

Partial equation of the " passes " of the walls identified in the light verification may be made by a plug cell to be used for use in the lighting verification. clipping

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