Ceramic Inside Plate

Construction materials
Керамическая плитка под кирпич

Ceramic articles for inner lining may be two types: for the lining of walls and for the floors.

Inner lining of walls Manufactured from flammable mergly glynes (mayolic stoves) or from flame-retarded clays with sand and melting (fyanse stoves) in a semi-arid press. When the stove burns, it's a porous turtle whose face is covered with an eye. The lining stove range is diverse (49 tyrometers): rows (150X x 150 mm) and rectangular (150XU0X75 mm), carnival and blintus, etc. (3.8). The thickness of the bayonet plates is not more than 6 mm, clay and blintus up to 10 m. The stove water is not more than 16%. By the nature of the surface, they may be flat, relayed or multi-coloured by a se-riographic method (3.9). Inside walls are used in sanitary knots, kitchens, baths, laundry, food and chemicals, metropolitan stations, etc.

Sex cells shall be made from caolin clay with additives, melting and, if necessary, staining impurities; they shall be incinerated by a semi-arid mass press. The stove shall not exceed 4 per cent. The fields of ceramic stoves are practically watertight, are characterized by little stylishness, do not produce dust, are easily washed, durable, resistant to acid and brush.

Sex ceramics Prepare the size (length of the line) 50...300 mm, thickness 10..15 mm. The different shape and colour of the stoves create a variety of sex compositions (3.10).

Moses for floors produce a square and rectangular form with a side of 23 and 48 mm at a thickness of 4..6 mm. A variety of sex drawings (3.10, E, e) are produced from such stoves in the factory. The labour force has been cutting the floors from the rug of the mosaic stove, compared with the stove much lower.

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