Ceramic Cells To Cover The Guest Walls

Snipe, the walls of the ceramic plug, what you need to know about it
Подготовка фасада к облицовке

Расчет необходимого количества материалаAmong the many materials, thanks to a number of advantages, the ceramic stove is the most used for decorative separation using the SNIP. Why is it accepted? The answer would be obvious if all benefits relating to the Ceramic stoves manufacture.

Calculation of required amount of material

Benefits of use of material

The building regulations indicate that the following materials are used to cover the walls of the building:

  • Ceramic cells and additional details.
  • Polymeric cells with different colours.
  • Mixtures for stitching.
  • Clay solutions for stoves and other additional decorative elements on the walls of the building.

These priorities include:

  • Environmentally clean material from which such a plug is made enables it to be used in any type of room for the identification of the inner walls.
  • Such a lining material is very stable to significant temperature breaks, allowing for the application of the plug even in areas with no permanent heating.
  • There is a steady state of elevated humidity, the walls of the ceramic plate according to the GOST are broadly marked with high moisture.
  • It has a distinctive feature of the improved attachment, the surface of the plate is very well interacted with the adhesive material, which allows it to be quickly fixed on the wall without any additional manual means.
  • The rich selection of the ceramic stove, its variety of colour gammas and shapes, makes the most original designer decisions a reality.
Note. All types of stoves are produced from different varieties of clay that are pressed for different forms and dimensions. Then all these raw materials are covered by a special eye, and the articles are placed in special ignition ovens.

The finished ceramic stove is a square, rectangle, and a fason configuration. The surface of the stove shall be made smooth and relay, and shall be covered with one coloured and multi-coloured eye. In order to gain a more detailed understanding of the types of ceramic stove, each of them should be examined in detail.

Types and characteristics of the ceramic plate

Miscellaneous stoves

The marking of the walls of the ceramic plug, which is performed according to the SNIP, has a wide range of possibilities, thanks to the rich variety of such personal material.

Разные виды плитки Технологические особенности при укладке керамической плитки
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