Ceramic Stove Of The Great Novel

керамическая плитка Франческа

Friends, our salons have novels from Italon. Maison reproduces an elegant view of the oiled wood of the European nut with its unusual, pronounced drawing. The barhat surface of the stove is characterized by soft colour heterogeneity and large natural fibres. A rich gamma of light and dark tones, along with three new formats, 30x120, 20x120 and 15x120, allows
It's natural to formalize both domestic and social interfaces. The Keramogrand will be ratified so that different formats can be combined in one room.

Provans is a collection of Mediterranean reasons, which is ideally suitable for the processing of housing and public spaces in an exquisite and cozy fashion. The colour gamma of the Provans collection consists of 6 light shades simulating the warm and cold tone of the burnt clay. The combination has a simple and elegant classic picture in the form of a decoration framework, and a variety of design options can be implemented by contrasting tone combinations or tone tone. Dekor Saint-Trope is increasing the decoration potential of the collection by reiterating the design of the background plate and enriching it with graphic drawing and colour.

Timeless Greige is the ATMFER. The warm tone of Greige naturally harmonizes with the green open space. The elegant sliphated surface re-establishes the colori of the retreaded tree: stains, loss, manual processing details.

Timeless Golden - CLASSICA. At the city flat, the classic atmosphere created by the calm colour of Golden is complemented by modern accents. Format 22, 5x90 allows for different layout drawings, and uneven surface extensions give a sense of completeness and harmony of common design.

I'm offering you a new collection from Italon-Wonder. It's an elegant and exclusive collection for the modern processing of residential spaces, which simulates the exquisite beauty of a small-scale pest with deep sandbears. Italon rethinks this original natural material by making it a valuable, high-decoration component of the interior.

The beauty of the time lost tree is in the Timeless collection, which is moving this remarkable material into elite modern interers. Surface, stunted bitches, silencing, flower fractures, resembles sea pier trees. At the same time, it is a strong ceramogrinite in an innovative colour palette.

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