Steel Ceramic Walls

How to remove the old ceramic plug without extra dust and noise
Облицовка стен и полов

The cafel has to be removed before repair or to restore the surface. Despite breaking, not building, not everyone knows how to remove the café from the wall, ceiling or floor so as not to damage the surface. Work sometimes, you can say, jewelry. We'll look at the basic methods for removing the stove.

The following tools should be prepared before removing the plug: 6 mm drill, hammer, doloto, spinster, long-distance perforator, laundry, eye glass, protective, mask or marlevance.

The choice of a particular method depends largely on how the cafeteria was attached to the wall at its time. Okay, if he was mounting on a cement solution, and he was doing it by the master, fully respecting the technology, you can hardly remove the plug without breaking it. We're gonna have to work on the board and get ready for serious work. If the stove was mounted with a glue, take it off, it's not cracked, maybe it'll work.

  • If you need to remove some of the damaged elements, don't hurt the others, you'll have to work very carefully. One uncauthorised movement can damage the next-door stove, and we have to clean it up.

First, with a special scrub, clean up the stoves. If the cafeteria was planted on a cement solution and holds tightly on the wall, drill the holes in it with a ventral electrode. Put it on. ceramic plate Doloth and knock his hammer trying to smash the whole fragment. It has to be very careful not to hurt the wall. As soon as the stove is removed, begin to remove the glue.

  • If you want to remove the entire cafeteria, but you want to keep it safe to use it in the future, the actions should be more careful. The plug can be retained in whole if it was inaccurate or used in an inaccurate glue.

The interplicity should be cleaned first, then, taking the staple with the thin blade, scrubbing it carefully under the stove and starting to cautiously hammer. When you cut the cafeteria by 2/3, the most responsible moment comes. We need to try to keep the far corners of the stove.

  • How to remove the old stove if it doesn't require her safety? Compared to other forms of stove removal, that's the best.
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