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10 architectural miracles of modernity
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St. Mary Axe 30's skyscraper is a popular sight of London. This 41st-story curvature building with a striking architecture is also known as the " Cornishon " because of its distinctive curly shape. It is also the first green skyscraper in London, whose special glass structure provides natural ventilation. St. Mary Ax 30 was established in 2003 by Swiss Re from Zurich. The skyscreen was officially opened in April 2004 and was then called Swiss Re. In 2007, the company sold the building for 600 million pounds, after which it was renamed after the street.
The cult building has a special long and curved form. The facade is covered by 744 glass panels and glass dome above. The windows specially reflect the spectrum of dark and bright flowers. It creates a special effect when you look at the skyscraper on the side. Double windows also help to reduce energy use by 50 per cent. St. Mary Axe 30 includes 7,600 square metres of offices, as well as a top floor club providing visitors with the 360-degree review of London.

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur
The 452 meters of the Petronas Tower in the city of Kuala Lumpur are the highest Towers in the world. This is a spiritual miracle of modern architecture as a symbol of Malaysia ' s culture and economic growth. The Petronas twins were built in 1998 and officially opened in August 1999. It was the highest building in the world until the construction of Tibei 101 in 2004.
The Petronas Towers were developed by the Argentine-American architect Sesar Pelley. 33,000 stainless steel panels and 55,000 glass panels were used to design the tower. Each of the twins consists of 88 floors. Special panels also have a function of filtering light and noise. The glass façade of Petronas resembles Islamic artistic motives. The towers are connected to two sky bridges of 58.4 metres long on 41-42 floors. Twins provide a total area of 4,252,000 square metres and all space above the 41st floor is occupied by tenants.

Queen Sofia, Valencia
Queen Sofia's Palace of Arts is an amazing opera theatre and a cultural centre located in the Spanish city of Valencia. This modern architectural miracle was developed by a world-renowned Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava. Construction started in 1995, but it took 10 long years to complete. Today, this is the popular virtue of Valencia and one of the most beautiful opera theatres in the world. With a height of 75 metres, it's the highest opera theatre in the world, consisting of 17 floors. The most impressive part of the Valencia opera is a beautiful mosaic roof.

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