How To Put A Ceramic Plug On The Wall

Step by step
Наклейка керамической плитки



Why do you want to get a CERAMIC PLAY?


The top edge of the scapula is the adhesive solution to be progressively loaded, dry and smooth (level layers up to 5 mm). It's a sorcerer's head. There are three methods of work using glu solution:

1. Put a stick on the wall:
A slutty scapegoat to lay the foundation, then torch.
Applicability: Cloth and stoves.

2. Put the stick on the plate:
A slutty scapegoat to smash the back of the stove, then torch.
Application: for walls, pump, narrow, base plates.

3. Put a stick on the wall and on the stove;
The scapegoat should be used as a base, as well as the reverse side of the stove.
Applicability: for sexual stoves with profiling backwards, for gross ceramic coatings, marbles and natural rocks, for balconies and terrace.

It's important that if there's a tape on the cage, the stoves are badly glued. So the dried glue should be removed and a new, freshly mixed glue.

1. Smash the floor from any angle, but we need to point out that work should start with a whole stove. If the first plug is to be cut, you'll start sticking in the right place with the first whole plug.
Laying the walls is easier from the bottom.
In order to establish a level horizontal line on the wall, it is recommended that a level raid be attached. The height and the principle of the attachment of the rattle: we take the plug and attach it to the wall, measure its height, adding the stitches that will be between the floor and the first, and between the first and second stoves, i.e., that once the raid is removed at the end of the operation, a number of stoves and two stitches may be located.

Important: If the floor is uneven, elevated or underneath, the height shall be fixed from the bottom of the floor.

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