Decoration Ceramic Wall Stove

Декоративная плитка на стены:


Type of surface

Decoration elements play an important role in modern design. They make it possible to make a " room " , to form an exclusive interface, to steal the room. The value of the effective box is much lower than the material used to process the entire premises. The decorative elements for the stove are particularly popular. They're usually made out of the stones.

Options for the use of some decorators

Sex in the living room

Panno on the working surface of the kitchen

Decor's on the bathroom wall.

Such elements have a number of significant advantages:

  • Longevity (service life over 15-20 years);
  • High strength;
  • resistance to external adverse effects;
  • Simple installation and care;
  • Ceramic boxes;
  • Possibility of using high humidity spaces;
  • Big choice of models different in design, assignment, design.

In addition to decoration, such elements often perform a protective function. For example, bladders allow for the smooth and rapid opening of crosses between walls and ceiling/semi, and corners protect stitches from moisture and pollution, prevent Clothing

How to take care of the ceramic decoroma

With small contamination, the stove decor shall be wiped with soft tissue or lip (wet or dry), with more pronounced, and wetted with a thermal solution of low-alkali fluids or with fluid to wash the glass. Soap and cleaning preparations containing organic fats/acids are not recommended to be used to clean the ceramics. This may lead to a fat film on the surface and, as a consequence, to a reduction in glacier or the development of moulds.

Special features of the selection and laying of the flap

In your choice, consider:

  • design. The decorative elements should be combined with the basic label (if they are not covered by the design project);
  • dimensions. They shall correspond to the dimensions of the stove, the space.
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