Ceramic Stoves For Walls

Ceramic bath and kitchen stove

GSK Company Keramistol is offering to buy a ceramic plate in Moscow in low cost. Ceramic stoves for walls in the bathroom and kitchen of all types: frost and unregulated, matt and gling.

The ceramic stove of the extraction was a symbol of well-being, often luxury. The bricks were decoding the temples, the palaces of the Ancient Mesopotamia. Even in the ninth century, cheap ceramic plate It was impossible for the walls or floors of their castle. Through a long, long journey, this separatist material now steals almost every house. It's clean, it doesn't require special care, it keeps its appearance long.

Ceramic production

Created by burning the clay, where the decomposition of elements and the formation of others occurs, the vagina is evaporated. Ceramics with simulated characteristics are produced: well resist chemical, fire, water, solid, solid. Special minerals may be added to the final two indicators.

Ceramics produce not only a stove, but bricks, turtle, even tubes.

Product characteristics

There are several main advantages:

  • Rigid. There is resistance to deformation even with significant loads.
  • Strength, durability. If the laying is done correctly, the " concentrated load " may amount to several tens of thousands of tons per square metre. Therefore, product durability is an important characteristic.
  • Thermal conductivity. It's warm. If this is a deficiency on the floor, let's say, a clear advantage for a fireplace.
  • Environmental. Even if the stove is ceramic cheap, it's still healthy because it's built from natural components. Further reduces the risk of exposure to high temperatures.
  • Color resistance. The impact of direct sunlight does not cause combustion, so the appearance remains unchanged.
  • Resistance to many chemicals is not destroyed.
  • Fire resistance, electrical insulation. They don't burn, they protect against fire, they don't release harmful substances when heating. Their electrical connections are very low.
  • Decoration, hygiene. Large ranges, special aesthetics allow for different interiors. However, the surface reduces the spread of bacteria.
  • Antistatic. Coating does not cause static electricity, which is very common with synthetic substances. If you choose from the surface coatings, like the carpet.
  • Just getting out. In fact, any contamination is easily removed from the surface, and frequent care is not necessary. Read the wet lips periodically.
  • Accessibility. The price of the ceramic plate is getting lower, which only contributes to its popularity.
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