Ceramic Stove For Walls

Ceramo-border and ceramic bathing suite
Дизайн кафеля в ванной: подбор

Фото использования керамической плитки в дизайне ванной комнатыThe ceramic bathroom stove is hardly the most popular material. The prices of the ceramic and ceramo-border plate are approximately 500 roubles per m2. No wonder the variety of products in the construction market is literally imagining. No other material can compare to a ceramic float in the bathroom, no matter how manufacturers try to think of something new, interesting and accessible.

For the first time, keramic stoves started using thousands of years ago. The most interesting thing is, the foundation of technology has not changed in so long, but only a few have improved. The ceramic stove can now be stacked with its own hands, as many homeworkers deal with this material on several occasions.

Фото использования керамогранитной плитки для отделки полаContents of the article

  • 1 Technical characteristics and nuances of choice
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  • Technical characteristics and nuances of choice

    The useful characteristics of the ceramic stove in large numbers have led to its popularity, the use of construction materials. The main points are:

  • Stability to flame, fire;
  • High level of hygiene;
  • Esteticity;
  • External attractiveness;
  • Resistance to mechanical shocks, injuries;
  • Sustainability to acids, chips, aggressive substances;
  • Relative accessibility.
  • In terms of accessibility, there may be contradictions. Depending on type in the bathroom or other space, from quality, the presence of any impurities, is the total cost. Thus, they can be cheap enough, and they can be costed to the buyer.

    Фото терракотовой плитки Фотография мозаичной плитки
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