Ceramic Ceramo-Border Plate

How do you put a ceramic or ceramobile?

The plate may have a wide range of density and, as a consequence, different water absorption. If the stove is too porous, it quickly absorbs the moisture from the adorable layer. He's drying up without having a strong connection to the cause. Keramograndit has almost zero water-vamping, its too tight structure prevents the penetration of conventional plugs and the establishment of solid communications.


The ceramic stove is very vicious, so it absorbs the moisture from the plug.

In order to reduce moisture from normal stoves, the ceramic stove shall be pre-emptively dampened within 24 hours.

Losing the moisture is not successful in establishing a solid structure with a base. The result is the separation of the lining.

The edge plate has low styreness and high strength. That's why she's very demanded for the public buildings - halls, lobbys, stairs.

Keramogrene has low water absorption and hardly waters.

Using a normal plastic glue, adhesive glue to the ceramograrian plate will not be sufficient. Keramograndit will be glued.


To diagnose the base and make sure it's solid, smooth and non-flashing.

If necessary, weber.vetonit TTT, or weber.vetonit S06, repair the floors.

Put the water in the tank, put the glue in. Modify mechanically to homogeneous mass, allow 5 minutes to stand and cross again.

It's also fair to put a layer of glue on the base with a toothpaper.

Privacy ceramic stove Weber.vetonit optima or weber.vetonit easy fix.

Weber.vetonit granit fix - glues with polymer additives that improve adhesion.

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