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Steel and accessible: how to make a kitchen for the kitchen of a ceramic stove
Плитка для кухни: правила

столешница из керамикиThe kitchen table is the final string that gives the completeness to the furniture. The material and surface deterioration are of great importance, both in terms of practicality, functionality and the aesthetic position.

Main materials used:

  • Natural marble, border is expensive natural materials. In addition to the high cost, there are several other shortcomings. The stone surfaces have too much weight, require special care, there is a high risk of formation of cracks and cracks. With all the shortcomings, such tables look expensive and fabulous.
  • The kitchen table is a reasonable alternative to the expensive stone. Plants are capable of serving decades if they are equipped.
гранитная поверхность
  • The laminated MTSPs create a monolithic surface of any form, and the decorative films re-establish any textures and shades. Insufficient is weakness, exposure to mechanical damage, incapacity.

Location ceramic plate of table For a small or large kitchen is a low-cost way to make the garrith unique: the variety of factures and colour decisions, the stove formats re-establish the appearance of any natural material without investing in major repairs. It is also appropriate to use the lining method when the old work surface needs to be repaired or replaced.

мозаичная столешница

Ceramic stove on the kitchen table is practical or not? Benefits:

  • It is possible to create a harmonious space, such as a plug from one collection for the sex, the working surface and the inter-block or the fairway.
  • The well-treated surface is completely sealed, not suffocated from water, couple.
  • Ceramic has sufficient strength, the surface is not scratched.
  • Simplities in care: easily cleaned, unlike wood products or stoves, there are no traces of fat, moisture or painted juice.
  • Repairability: Flat or fractured area can be easily repaired by replacing the damaged plate.

The main flaw of the marking is the inability to make the surface completely monolithic, without stitches and locks.

ровная поверхность столешница упаковка плитки шлифовка столешницы
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