Ceramic Sex Cells

List of normative documents
GOST 125-79Living hypotheses. Technical conditions
GOST 310.1-76 - GOST 310.3-76; GOST 310.4-81; GOST 310.5-88; GOST 310.6-85Cement. Test methods.
GOST 379-2015Brick, stones, blocks and stoves are partition silica. General technical conditions.
GOST 473.1-81 - GOST 473.11-81Chemically persistent and thermal resistant ceramics. Test methods.
GOST 474-90Brick's acidic. Technical conditions
GOST 530-2012Brick and stone are ceramic. General technical conditions.
GOST 4001-2013The walls of the mountain species. Technical conditions
GOST 5802-86The construction works. Test methods.
GOST 6133-99Stamps of concrete walls. Technical conditions.
10GOST 6141-91Ceramic ceramic glasses for the inner lining of the walls. Technical conditions.
11GAST 6266-97Listas are hyposocarton. Technical conditions.
12GAST 6428-83Plits are hyptic for partitions. Technical conditions.
13GAST 6787-2001Sex ceramics♪ Technical conditions.
14GOST 6927-74concrete facade plates. Technical requirements.
15GOST 7025-91Brick and stones are ceramic and silica. Methods for determining water absorption, density and freezing control.
16GOST 7076-99Story materials and articles. Methods for determining thermal conductivity and resistance in fixed thermal mode.
17GOST 7473-2010 (EN 206-1:2000, NEQ)Funny concrete. Technical conditions
18GOST 8426-75Brick is gly. ♪ ♪
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