Glazed Ceramic Plate Of Characteristics

Керамическая плитка

Керамическая плиткаThe ceramic stove, one of the oldest construction materials, and now not only does it not come out of fashion, but it continues to improve from year to year. The sticks are strong, firm, not burner, fireproof, hygiene and legs in the cleaners, which makes them beautiful sequential material. And the efforts of artists and designers, including world-renowned ones, make them sometimes into art.

What kind of tiles are

Керамическая плиткаThe ceramic plug is produced from the mixture of glina, sand and other natural materials by means of press or extrusion, followed by single or double obesity, emalics or without.

The cells are:

  • Pressed or extruded. Pressed stoves are made of powdery laughs, shaped under heavy pressure by the press. Extruded - from the test mass which occurs when passing through the extruder - a meat-cut aggregate.
  • With a strong or screaming base. The porosity of the stove depends on one of its main characteristics: water absorption: the greater the voids of the base, the more the water absorption is obviously higher.
  • Eyes or uncovered emails. The glazed stoves have a surface covered by a layer of colour glazing, which gives them not only a beautiful view, but also a hardness and waterproofness. Non-removable stoves are uniform in composition and generally do not have decorative drawings.
Керамическая плитка Характеристики плиток Укладка плитки Керамический гранит
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