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Buy a ceramic tub and kitchen of low value
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The ceramic stove is an excellent personal material with universal performance. Thanks to aestheticity and wide variety of choices of flowers, shades and decoratives, its scope is not limited to the kitchen or the bathroom.


The wall ceramic stove from our catalogue reflects current design directions. We would like to see the range of the wall cafeteria at affordable prices and select a suitable option for the opening of any space.


Ceramic stove is of high strength and resistance to mechanical effects. You can put it in the kitchen and in the bathroom, as well as open spaces such as veranda, balcony. The range is presented by a large variety of colours, factures, angles, suggest that the best option be chosen from the catalogue.


The use of the mosaic stove does not limit your fantasy. She'll revive any room where there's a light game. Mosaic may be used for the total or partial removal of the ceiling, walls, podiums, coughs, etc. Take a closer look at the range we have on our website.

Competitive advantages of the cable

Give attention to the issue of the merits of the ceramic stove:

1. Available prices: at the cost of the cafeteria is much cheaper than other street materials, but it does not fall as such.

2. Practice: Cafes for rooms with any assignment (high humidity, high durability) and material properties will be suitable for the characteristics of the room.

3. Long life of service: the ceramic stove is capable of maintaining an excellent appearance for a long time. Her secret is in a special emalolet covering that protects all external impacts (goods, frictions, fungus, etc.).

4. Esthetic: Ceramic stoves create incredible design work. The geometric clarity of lines and the great variety of colours contribute to this.

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