Ceramic Plate Of The Outer Face

Ceramic stove varieties
Фасадная керамическая система

The ceramic stove, one of the oldest construction materials, but despite its age, it is still out of fashion. For example, only in Russia in 1999 it was sold to 160 million square metres. New materials for walls and floors, unable to remove it from our homes, in large part because the ceramplik has just irreplaceable properties.

First, it's very solid material. If it is correct, the ten to 20 times the limit of its strength at the " concentrated load " exceeds the capacity of cement or ferreton and can reach 30,000 tons per square metre.

Second, the high rigidity rate allows the ceramic plug not to run and deform, even at very high burst loads. And the thicker the stove, the higher it is.

Thirdly, this material has properties of fire resistance and fire resistance. With fire resistance, the plug can be used to cover the kilns and fireplaces. It does not burn or protect the surface, but when heated, it does not separate toxic substances.

In addition, the ceramic stove does not conduct electrical currents, is not destroyed in contact with chemical substances (the only enemy is hydrogen fluoride), nor does it change its colour when exposure to sunlight. She's one of the most hygienic materials on which microbes cannot exist for long. Thanks to these criteria, and of course its decorativeness, the stove and its popularity.

The stove is most needed in the kitchen, the hallway and the sanusle. Cleaning, hygiene, water resistance make this material optimal and practically indispensable in these premises. The only inconvenience is that the stove is warm, which means that the inhabitants of not hot edges are not very comfortable with it without shoes. But that's a good thing to do, but it's only worth putting it under the fireplace.

But every person who chooses to purchase a stove for his own housing asks what to choose from the diversity of the market?

The basic rule to be followed by a potential buyer should be the matching of the stove of the place of application.

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