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Керамическая плитка Атем

Quarters and rooms / Rental
Nelly - +2
/ 26.3
Room 1 / 50.00m2/ 14Eth.
Price 21000.00
It's a great apartment in a monolithic reserve of 16th, a new house on the 14th floor, in the middle of the U.S.U.R., 50m. Eurremont's just finished in the apartment.
All furniture and household equipment are new.
The windows south, the view is partly on the Platan Boulevard. The balcony is glazed. The floor in the room and the hallway is laminate, in the kitchen and on the balcony, the ceramic stove, the sowl of the rhetoric, the chandeliers and the curines for the curtain, the tul, the paintings. At the entrance to the driveway, the concierge.
Furniture: kitchen garments, table and couch +2 kitchen, wall, couch, chair, 2 carpet, closet. Technician: washing machine, refrigerator, barbed surface, spiritual closet, extraction, TV, vacuum, air conditioner, WiFi router. Interactive television + Biline Internet. All the photos are real.

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