Ceramic Stove White

фартук для белой кухни

Good cooking requires not only skill but also a positive attitude. And if the kitchen is a harmonious place, it's dinner and it's nice to have tea in the morning.

The air in the kitchen is usually high humidity. The kitchen surfaces are in contact with different types of contamination. This is particularly about the sex. The most advantageous coating for the walls and floors of the kitchen is therefore a ceramic stove.

The plate is pressed and extruded. An extruded blade is a material made from a soft test mass. Through the extruder, such material takes a given texture form. Pressed Ceramic kitchen plate is made of powdered mixture under pressure of the press. The stove is then presented to the ignition process, high temperature thermal treatment. Ceramic kitchen plates may also be frosted and unregulated. A stove or a frosted stove got its name from a layer of coloured glass. An unregulated kitchen plate is homogeneous in thickness, complete and usually does not have a decorative drawing. To put some ornament or drawing on the plate, they use red pigments.

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