Steal The Ceramic Plate

Ceramic stove: mosaic and panno - practical decoration of the interior
Удаление грязи с плитки

керамическая плитка мозаикаThe ceramic stove is one of the best materials to decorate walls and floors in rooms with temperature and high humidity. It has a strongness, a high resistance to mechanical impacts, greenness, easy care. All of this, as well as the rich choice of blossoms, factures and decorative elements, make it the perfect material for the interior of complex operating premises such as kitchens, bathrooms, halls, etc. The most popular elements of the decor, where the ceramic stove is widely used, mosaic and pano.

панно из керамической плиткиMosaic: practical or luxury?

The mosaic is a popular way of stealing an interior with a ceramic stove. This decorative technique consists of the laying of divergent stoves or slices of separation material. It is thus possible to create original ornaments and whole artistic poles on the chosen surface.

керамическая плитка мозаика цена

The simplest and fastest performing is mosaic mics. They come from a large plate, usually 20x20 mm, if you want a more delicate and sophisticated option, you can use a smaller plate. It's perfect for a kitchen fairway or a shower stand.

In mix where applicable ceramic stove of mosaic, the price is low, so this decoration option will cost a little.

For those who are not limited in funds and dream of classical internment, a ceramic ceramic stove napole can be offered. Such a layout would steal a large living room or loll, highlight the luxury and the viability of the interior. When selecting this type of separation, it must be borne in mind that the price of the laying may be many times higher than the cost of the separate material. Beauty is expensive.

Gaudi's legacy: a mosaic of a battled ceramic stove

Using a ceramic stove to steal Guel's famous park, Antonio Gaudi's maestro has proved that the masterpieces can be created even from the dump.

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