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Spanish ceramic stove
«Amarcord», Del Conca (Италия)
Spain is considered to be one of the countries where a high-quality and beautiful ceramic is produced. Purchasers that favour the Spanish ceramic plate have many reasons. Firstly, the country 's keramics from Spain guarantee constant quality. Second, the Spanish stove would be perfect for any interior and would fill it with bright paints, give the room irresponsibility and originality. Thirdly, the stove that Spain produces is very user-friendly, it does not require careful care and is resistant to the effects of different types.

Our salon has a diverse Spanish ceramic stove. A lot of well-known and popular collections will fill the interrier with bright paints, give him identity. More conservative buyers will find in our salon a collection of stoves of classic colours, whose calmly dangerous tone is characterized by virtue and exquisiteness.

And of course, it is a synonym of quality and durability that will allow for the renovation of the premises once and for the long-term renewal.

Formats and surfaces of the ceramic plate

The ceramic stove, the ceramic granite, the mosaic plate differs in several characteristics, taking into account their functional purpose and format:

  1. Private stoves are the main material in the interior. Traditionally, stoves are rectangular or square, but now many manufacturers produce a stove in the form of six and eight-angles, a plate with rounded edges. Traditional square plate formats: 150x150mm and 100x100mm, rectangular 150x100mm and 150x75m. Mosaic stoves also have standard dimensions, square 23x23mm and 48x48m, rectangular 48x23mm. These are the most common stove formats, but they are certainly not limited to the variety of proposals.
  2. Bean stoves are charcoal stoves, as well as so-called stoves, various forms and sizes used for the design, panno and other non-standard design decisions.

Normally, manufacturers include both species in a stove collection that matches the surface and colour gamma.

The stoves also distinguish between three types depending on the quality.

There are several other classifications of the ceramic stove:

  1. By type of reference mixture. Depending on the type of clay used, whether caulinic or Montmorillonite, the material 's technical characteristics, its porosity, volatility, etc. are changed.
  2. There's a stove in the eye. It's divided into an eye-to-eyed and unregulated. The stove, as shown in the name, is covered by a layer of special glass eye or smacks protecting the drawing and adorable plate. The non-regulated stove has a natural structure and is painted by adding the paint directly to the reference mixture for the construction of the stove.
  3. In the form, a press mixture is distinguished (the basic mixture is shaped by the press) and extruded (the mixture is squeezed through the right shape opening). The extruded plate is marked with the letter "A" , the letter "B" ,

Depending on the functional tasks and location of the stove, it should be taken into account

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